LGBTQIA and the Enneagram

If I describe myself as LGBTQIA, will that effect what Enneagram Type I am? Will it make a difference?

Do certain Types have more LGBTQIA people?

A question I’ve been asked a few times is: “Do certain types have more people who identity as LGBTQIA?” There’s no volume of research data on this currently, although I’ve been connecting with various people around the world who are working now on researching this. The late Claudio Naranjo however, believed that certainly in the Western world, there is a predominance of men on the left side of the Enneagram (Types 5, 6, 7 and 8) and women on the right (Types 1, 2, 3 and 4).

And Nines?

What about the “nice” Nines then at the top of the Enneagram symbol? “Fence-sitters” of the Enneagram, they are positioned between the male and female aspects. Perhaps it’s because of their position and accepting behavior, that they are regarded as being the most pan-sexual of the Types. Nine’s are also the most likely to withhold sex in an unhappy relationship.

How does this link with Myers Briggs research?

Research from various sources does differ. Drawing though on Myers Briggs research and correlating those types to the Enneagram Types, it appears that for females, types Fours and Nine have a higher percentage of gay women.

The Archetypal Roles in Society

If we’re going to look at societies’ view of the archetype of a gay man, you’d probably pick the SX Type 4, while for a gay woman it would be the SX Type 8.

Instinctual Drives

It stands to reason that with the emphasis on one-on-one connection, Sexual Instinctive Types would be more driven to want to engage sexually, than the other two Instinctual Types.

The Conclusion

While certain sexual leanings may be found more in certain Types (more gay men in Type 4 for instance), the personality patterns within those Types remains constant, no matter whether you are LGBTQIA or heterosexual.

Ann Gadd is in iEQ9 Enneagram Coach and the author of Sex and the Enneagram, The Enneagram of Eating, an Enneagram illustrated kids’ series and 22 other books.

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