How we use our Enneagram Instinctual Drives to find a partner

This explains why a partner appears to change once the initial romance is over


Her story:

His Story:

Couple arguing
Couple arguing
Couple fighting: from Depositphotos

So, here’s what happened in Jack and Joanne’s relationship:

Self-preservation Types express a Sexual Instinct

Social Types express a Self-preservation Instinct

Sexual Types express a Social Instinct

What’s the result?

Image by Ann Gadd showing a balance of all three instincts

Self-preservation Types

Illustration by Ann Gadd showing a Self-preservation type

Social types

Image by Ann Gadd showing a Social type

Sexual Types

Image by Ann Gadd showing a Sexual type

What can we do?

What if you’re the same Instinctual Type?

What if you’re not?

Ann Gadd is in iEQ9 Enneagram Coach and the author of Sex and the Enneagram, The Enneagram of Eating, an Enneagram illustrated kids’ series and 22 other books.

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