Image by Ann Gadd from the cover of Painting by Numbers — Art and the Enneagram

You’ve discovered these incredible insights into yourself and others. Wow! It’s amazing, and so accurate. But, like any path to realization, there is the potential to get stuck or bogged down along the way.

Photo: Ann Gadd
Illustration of the Enneagram symbol by Ann Gadd

Image: Ann Gadd

A Change of Heart: One thing each Enneagram Type can do to heal emotionally

Each of the Enneagram Types has something unique to offer when it comes to taking a leadership role.

From a painting by Ann Gadd

Ann Gadd

Ann Gadd is in iEQ9 Enneagram Coach, IEA presenter, and author of 4 Enneagram books (incl. Sex and the Enneagram), as well as a children’s Enneagram series.

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